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Food and Supplements · Shop Entries

Berries & Bugs 3 lb
Exotic Nutrition's Berries Bugs is a nutritious insectivore diet containing gut loaded insect larva, grains and berries. NET WEIGHT: 3 lbs. FEATURES:
Glider-Cal (3.5 oz.) - Calcium Supplement for Sugar Gliders
Exotic Nutrition's Complete Calcium Supplement for Sugar Gliders helps prevent calcium deficiency in gliders with lower calcium in relation to phosphorus intake. NET WEIGHT: 3.5 oz. FEATURES:
Happy Glider Fruity Flavor Sugar Glider Food
- A totally cooked diet for sugar gliders with a blend of toasted grains, multiple protein sources, minerals and vitamins - Delicious whole grain formula with a light coating of fruity flavors - 1.5 pound resealable bag - SunCoast Sugar Gliders has b
Instant-HPW 2 lb (Makes 6 lb) - All Natural Vitamin
Exotic Nutrition's Instant-HPW is a favorite among glider owners. Instant-HPW includes the major ingredients from the original homemade HPW diet that is trusted and fed to sugar gliders worldwide. This homemade diet has been formulated into an easier
Nectar Pods (Variety 4 Pack) - Calcium-Fortified Jelly Fruit Treat
HEALTHY - Fruit-based jelly treat, with exotic fruit flavors added calcium EASY - An ideal treat for birds, fruit-eating mammals like sugar gliders and marmosets, and day geckos NATURAL - Made with apple juice, glycine (amino acid) and added calcium
Nectar Pods (Yogurt) - Calcium-Fortified Jelly Fruit Treat
Exotic Nutrition's Nectar Pods are a fruit-based, jelly treat. Offering your pet a delicious treat has never been easier! WHAT YOU GET: 1 pack of 8 individual pods FEATURES:
Vitakraft Vita Smart Sugar Glider Food
- HIGH-PROTEIN SUGAR GLIDER FOOD: This specie-specific food for sugar gliders is made with animal and insect proteins to keep your small pet healthy, happy, and full of energy. - FULL OF FLAVOR: With 5 fruit juices (apple, apricot, cherry, kiwi, mang
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