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5 Entries

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Bourbon's Modified Leadbeaters Recipe · 1/2 cup Honey (do not use honeycomb, raw or unfiltered honey. Most store bought honey can be used unless it contains one of the three words above.) ​2 oz. Gerber or Parent's Choice Mixed Fruit Juice 2 oz. Dannon Plain Yogurt -- or -- 2 oz of Activi
Calcium Deficiency in Sugar Gliders · Calcium deficiency leading to nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism (NSHP) is one of the most common problems of sugar gliders. NSHP, sometimes known as metabolic bone disease or MBD, is very common in young growing gliders fed an improper diet.
Sugar Glider Nutrition · Proper diet is imperative for keeping a sugar glider healthy and happy. Nutritional problems are the most common problems seen by veterinarians and include obesity, malnutrition, low bone density, dental disease, heart disease, nervous system disorde
Sugar Glider Enrichment · Sugar gliders are best to get around 8-12 weeks after they emerge from the mother’s pouch. This is the best age to socialize them with humans and get them used to being handled. The process may take many weeks to fully socialize them to humans. Sug
Glider Color Vartiations · Classic Grey: Medium to dark grey with a black stripe, black markings, a white underbelly, and black on their fingers/toes often near the tips or over the knuckles
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