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What kind of diet is best for my Sugar Gliders?

Despite their name, this species doesn’t only eat sugary foods, though it does have quite the sweet tooth. Sugar Gliders are omnivores, which means that they eat both plant and animal matter. Their diet varies based on the season and what foods are available.

In the wild Sugar Gliders eat a variety of different foods depending on the season, they are omnivores and as pets they are often fed specific diets that are recommended by experts and zoos. These are diets utilizing multiple foods but their base diet should be an insectivore pellet for rounded nutrition, and it is great to help prevent dental disease.

During the spring and summer, this species feeds mostly on invertebrates. Some common prey items include spiders, beetles, insect larvae, moths, and more. As fall arrives their diet shifts to plant-based foods, like tree sap, pollen, honeydew, and more.

You can supplement the insectivore pellet with baby food, honey, fruits, vitamins, fresh items such as fruit, vegetables, and insects. Formulated, pre-packaged insectivore diets for sugar gliders do exist at pet stores and online and are utilized at zoos to provide nutrition for colonies of sugar gliders. The needs of sugar gliders have changed as more is learned about them.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on January 2nd, 2024 · Updated on January 4th, 2024
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