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A list of Sugar Glider Rescues in North America, and other Countries.
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Sugar Glider Rescue Database · Directory Entries

Akron Sugar Glider Rescue · A local ohio glider rescue.
AZ Sugar Glider Rescue · We are a non-profit privately run sugar glider rescue. We have devoted our lives to these amazing little animals and treat everyone like our own.
Bairds Nest Exotic Rescue · Mid Michigan Exotic rescues.
Florida Exotic Pet Rescue Inc. · We are a non profit 501c3 no kill rescue in central Florida that has a passion for sugar gliders. We are NON BREEDING. All males are neutered. Gliders are raised in LARGE enclosures. We take in biters and unwanted gliders. We do adopt out to qualifie
FurEver Gliders · FurEver Gliders is a small rescue facility located in the Atlanta, GA area
Kingdom Kritters Rescue & Sanctuary · We are a registered non-profit rescue owned by Val Betts. We routinely take in, rehabilitate and rehome sugar gliders.
Lucky Glider Rescue & Sanctuary · Lucky Glider Rescue & Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 non-profit sugar glider rescue. We also have a USDA license and get regular ACI inspections. We do not breed. We do not ship. We Neuter.
SmallWorld Suggies · Sugar glider rescuer and breeder. Emergency help 24/7.
SOS - Save Our Suggies Glider Rescue in Upstate SC · Save Our Suggies We are on a mission one Suggie at a time :-) We are a non-profit organization in The Upstate, South Carolina. Our mission is to love, save, rescue, rehome, rehabilitate, neuter and vet Sugar Gliders in need. We assist in educating n
Sugar Glider Gateway · To provide South African sugar glider owners, breeders and vets with up to date sugar glider related information. South African based rescue service for neglected and unwanted sugar gliders.
Wisconsin Sugar Sanctuary & Rescue · We are a small, private rescue and sanctuary for unwanted and abandoned sugar gliders.
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