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Here you will find links to Sugar Glider Groups that specialize in educational programs, and offer medical assistance, reaching out to Sugar Glider owners and buyers.
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Sugar Glider Educational Groups · Directory Entries

Glider Talk · Glider Talk was created in December 2012/January 2013 with the purpose of educating people on sugar gliders. Since sugar gliders are exotic pets and require particular care, the staff here at Glider Talk, as well as people who join our chats, all aid
GliderCENTRAL · We have been serving the glider community for about 13 years now with more than 275,000 posts for the purpose of sharing glider information while providing a family type of atmosphere. Both veteran and new members are welcome. Our main mission is to
Michelle's Suggies · sugar glider breeder. Coming soon vending, waiting on approval
Mill Breeder Project · The Mill Breeder Project is striving to put an end to the poor practices within the Sugar Glider Breeding Mills that are selling gliders at public venues, such as trade shows and county fairs that are sick, malnourished, and under age. Our hope is th
new age gliders suggie world · Experiences and methods that we have used in bonding, taming, handling & holding of Sugar gliders also behavior of sugar gliders and sounds that they make.
Regmyglider EU/WW Pedigree Database · *** Multilanguage indipendent pedigree database ***
Stacie Rice · My passion for these little guys comes truly from the heart. There are too many unfortunate and unnecessary issues that occur on a daily basis, simply due to lack of knowledge and understanding. I'm committed to making myself available to you in hope
Sugar Gliders FaceBook Group · Our aim is to provide you with as much information as we can about these fantastic little creatures. We also have a corresponding website filled with lots of information, much of it geared towards new potential sugar glider parents. We try to do our
The Glider Initiative · The Glider Initiative strongly believes in sugar glider education and outreach. We are committed to the education of owners, breeders, brokers, rescues, pet shops, vets, and other sugar glider enthusiasts. We are dedicated to reaching out to those in
The SUGAR Group · The SUGAR Group aims to improve the care and treatment of sugar gliders nationwide by compiling and analyzing data and statistics regarding sugar glider life, care, treatment & death and utilizing that analysis to facilitate the development of improv
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