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What To Do When Bringing Sugar Gliders Home · Video

All the advice I could fit in a 22 min video on what to do when you first bring your sugar gliders home.

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Topics By Time Stamp-
0:00 What to do
1:45 Two Biggest things to remember
2:49 Think through what kind of interactions you want with them... what are your goals?
4:18 First Days... step 1
7:46 Next Stage... step 2
14:20 Why I always use a zippered bag when leaving the house
15:08 Pouch Protective - open environment sleeping pouches
17:58 Next Stage... step 3

I am not a vet, I am not an expert. All of the statements in this video are my opinion only. Please consult your vet before making any decisions on your sugar glider's care.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on January 2nd, 2024
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