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Large Manzanita Bird Perch (11" to 12")

Large Manzanita Bird Perch (11" to 12")
Natural manzanita branch makes a superior bird perch.

Each multi-branch perch has different size branches to exercise and maintain healthy feet.

Includes hardware to securely attach to a cage.

High quality oven cured manzanita is safe for pets.

Sustainably grown in southern Oregon.

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Posted By Gremelin Posted on January 4th, 2024
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Customers like the appearance, quality and delivery of the pet supplies. They mention that it really sets the cage off nicely, works great for sugar gliders and that it's a great buy. They are also satisfied with ease of cleaning. That said, opinions are mixed on size and smoothness.

Rasin: My 2 sugar gliders love it

Cathy: I bought this for my sugar gliders and they love climbing on it. It attaches easily.

Jessica: I got what I expected and my sugar gliders that I bought them for love them. The curious creatures that they are spent the first hour after waking up checking them out and then spent the rest of the night chewing on them. (Gliders are instinctive chewers and biters of wood hence it's imperative to get wood that's safe for them - which manzanita branches are). They're "bored" of them now, but use them as perches to eat and groom every now and then. It also made their habitat look less cage-like and a little more homely. I'll be adding more of them over time. Delivery was fast and hassle-free. Will order again.


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