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TRIXIE Small Animal Suspension Bridge

TRIXIE Small Animal Suspension Bridge
The TRIXIE Small Animal Suspension Bridge is the perfect playtime accessory for ferrets and other critters providing an endless fun and play. All small animal cages need elements that allow the pets to climb and play to provide entertainment and prevent boredom. Our suspension bridge comes with four strong clips so you can position and safely attach your it to any wire pet home. The safe chewing materials promote dental health while various colors and textures add visual and tactile enrichment. Encourages exercise, stimulates the mind and promotes healthy behaviors.

The suspended hangout is a practical way to provide fun and safe exercise inside any cage

Ideal for the active play of your pets; it is beneficial for maintaining health

Your little ones can also play with the rope ladder, hanging rope and rope ring; after playing your little guy can cozy up in the hammock for an afternoon nap

Items included with bridge are a hammock, rope ladder, and a rope ring with wooden block; all items are safe toys to chew; they can play, run, jump and chew

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Posted By Gremelin Posted on January 4th, 2024
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Customers like the quality, appearance and value of the pet supplies. They mention that it's a really well made little toy, it looks so cute in the cage and adds interior decoration. That said, opinions are mixed on the size.

Shawnee: It’s on the smaller side. So don’t expect an adult rat, chinchilla, or Guinea pig to fit on this. However, it’s the perfect size for my rat babies. Put it in the cage and within minutes they were climbing all over it. It feels pretty sturdy too.

Devin: Bought this for my sugar glider and he loves it.


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