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ThermoPro TP49 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Humidity Meter

ThermoPro TP49 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Humidity Meter
Face Icon Comfort Indicator: Humidity temperature gauge features face icons to indicate DRY/COMFORT/WET air conditions, quickly informs you how to adjust your humidifier or dehumidifier to achieve optimal comfort

Highly Accurate Sensors: This temperature humidity sensor features a high accuracy of ±1°F/°C and ±2%-3%RH, making it ideal for measuring dynamic environments like greenhouses

Fast Refresh Rate: This digital indoor thermometer refreshes every 10 seconds to provide the latest updates for temperature and humidity readings

Compact Display with Large Digits: This digital thermometer indoor outdoor features a compact LCD display with large bold digits, allowing you to read the room thermometer indoor from any angle and distance

Multiple Placement Options: This humidistat has 3 placement options - Tabletop Stand / Magnetic Back / Hanging Mount, place the wall thermometer anywhere you wish such as living room, baby room, kitchen, greenhouse, guitar room, office or cellar

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Posted By Gremelin Posted on January 2nd, 2024
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Customers are happy with the quality, ease of use, readability, value, performance and performance of the humidity meter. They mention that it works well, is inexpensive and that it's convenient to use. Customers are also happy with size, temperature accuracy, and accuracy.

Carina: It is working well for me. Small and doesn't take up space but has large numbers so easy to see from a distance. I bought it for the thermometer, but the humidity meter is a great bonus for me.

WS: This is a very small thermometer. It appears to be very accurate and is unobtrusive. I have purchased two additional thermometers because the first was just what I wanted. I have placed them in rooms where I have plants that are sensitive to changes in temperature. Due to its size, it can be moved easily from room to room. The price is also great.


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