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KINTOR Sugar Gliders Sleeping Pouch

KINTOR Sugar Gliders Sleeping Pouch
SAFE DOUBLE SEWING DESIGN - Kintor sugar glider sleeping pouch adopt more safe sewing design that Inside seams and side loops have been double sewn to prevent exposure to loose threads, which can wrap around limbs and cause injury

RESPECT SUGAR GLIDER LIVING HABIT -Because sugar gliders like sleeping in a giant balls,our pouch hangs verticaglly,which can make them more natural and cozy environment familiar for our little marsupial friends

CUTE OUTLOOK & COZY MATERIAL - Kintor sleeping pouch is made of cute high-density canvas outside and warm fleece material inside,and in order to entertain your little pet,we offer two colorful patterns for your choice,one is blue deer,the other is pink cat as the picture shows

TWO SIZE OPTIONS -Considering the different needs, Kintor cage pouch offer two sizes,small size is 9x6inch,big size is 11x7.8inch,you can choose as your need.

EASY TO INSTALL & WASHABLE - Our sugar gliders pouch use nontoxic stainles steel clip,and allow you to hang the pouch either on the flat side of a cage or in the corner for a more easily accessible entry to the pouch

Why Sugar Gliders Need KINTOR Sleeping Pouch?
Because sugar gliders prefer to sleep together in a giant ball, cozy and sweet. The pouch hangs vertically, which sugar gliders seem to prefer to the horizontal pouch designs. It feels more natural and provides a warm, cozy environment familiar and safe for our little marsupial friends.

Why Choose KINTOR Sugar Gliders Cage Pouch?
-Inside seams and side loops have been double sewn to prevent exposure to loose threads, which can wrap around limbs and cause severe injury
-Cute outlook & safe material,unlike other pouches on market,we offer more lovely outlook,which can enlight your lovely pet.
-More size choices,according to your pet quantity,you can choose the size you like,please be aware of the size the picture shows.
-Nontoxic,Durable stainless steel clips to hang to the cage
-Kindly noted:Consider getting two of these well made products so you always have a clean one ready on pouch laundry day.

Package included:
1 x Sugar Gliders Sleeping Pouch

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Posted By Gremelin Posted on January 2nd, 2024
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Customers like the appearance, softness, quality and value of the pet bed mat. They mention that its very soft inside, comfortable and has quality fixtures. Some appreciate the size and value. However, some customers are disappointed with the closure.

SGT: This is a very sturdy and plush sleeping pouch! Some have complained that the top flops down over the opening, but I like that it does because it keeps the pouch dark for my Sugargliders. I have THREE Sugargliders, and the medium pouch is PLENTY big! In fact, there is room for 1-2 more. This was a GREAT purchase, and my Sugargliders gives it 5 stars!

Brandi: It is our new glider's favorite pouch now. I purchased a different one for bonding that looked like the one he came with. However, his claws get stuck in that one. THIS one is made wonderfully though. Its soft, but he can't get stuck. I wish I could get one just like this with the zipper and window. Can't see the pouch details,but he's very content with it.


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